Our firm has been involved in various landed & highrises residential, housing, institutional, industrial and commercial projects around the country including Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and throughout east and west Malaysia. With such experiences, we are confident that we can provide top quality and services in your project.

Nexus Idea Consultancy Sdn. bhd. (NICSB) is dedicated to create dynamic solutions for the enhancement of the built environment

Our goal focuses on timeless design aesthetics and architectural design flare. To put our work on the map and create icons in the skyline


Mission Statement


Design is what we do best

We are an Architectural design company based in Malaysia. We're passionate about what we do and will work tirelessly to deliver the best results for you. We design every facet of your design project, from color scheme to upholstery and everything in between. Ensuring that we are consistently delivering designs that are aligned with our philosophy and goals. The primary focus of our firm is on delivering high-quality design solutions for our clients. We strongly emphasize on the creative aspects of the design process and are confident in our ability to provide excellent design solutions that meet clients' needs as we have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure our designs can be effectively implemented and executed.

By prioritizing sustaining mutually beneficial client relationships, we are able to understand clients' requirements and respond with innovative design solutions that exceed clients' expectations in all aspects. We are also able to offer guidance through professional leadership, education and broad experience in the architectural field for Intergraded consultancy design of energy efficient and environmentally responsive buildings. Our firm provides design services that encompass creativity, diversity and value-added results. We base our performance on international standard, in order to provide highest standard of professional services and to constantly innovate and improve in all areas of our practice.